What To Expect From Breast Enlargement Surgery

One of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures around the globe is no doubt breast enlargement surgery. The surgical procedure was first introduced in 1960s to the world and has been helping to increase the shape and size of breasts since then. From the inception of this procedure there have been big changes in every field, from the method of making an incision to material of the implants.

Over the years, breast enlargement has increasingly become popular among women. It is no longer a thing that only actresses used to have and even housewives are increasingly opting for this surgery. This change appeared because the surgery has become more affordable over the years and safer than before. Now, cosmetic surgeries are quite common as more women are choosing it to enhance their physical beauty.

Nowadays, there are many types of methods which claim to enhance the size of breasts. However, no method can match the level of success which is achieved by breast enlargement surgery. The results of enlargement surgery are so good that you’ll be amazed to see the transformation of your body. From plain chest, you can jump to big and firm breast in just a few hours of surgery.

Breast enlargement surgery isn’t like any other breast enhancement technique and it gives instant results. You can go back to your daily routine within a week and you might forget that you even had implants surgery (due to the natural looking results). You just have to visit the surgeon for corrective surgery or checkups to monitor the development in the body after the surgery.

There’s a long list of benefits women can get by opting for breast enlargement surgery instead of any other breast enhancement procedures. However, before the surgery you must be clear about the size of implants you want and where you want incisions to be made. For this, you can consult the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, who will tell you all the details of this surgery.

While finalizing the size of breasts, not only consult the surgeon, but also involve your husband or partner in the conversation. Your partner can help you to determine the shape and size of breasts you will be more comfortable in. Do you want an hourglass figure, or a medium size bust, or bigger and appealing breasts? Talk to your partner and discuss in detail what size will be ideal for you.

Finalising the size of bosom is quite crucial step in the whole pre-surgical period. Select the size which you think will suit you best and whether you’ll be comfortable with the increased size or not. It’s important to keep your priorities and lifestyle in mind while deciding the size you are expecting after breast enlargement surgery.


Top 3 Advantages Of having Big Breasts

There’s an amazing feeling which runs throughout our body whenever big breasts are mentioned. Boobs are just like magnificent hills on every woman’s chest. Breasts are the most prestigious and influential symbol of womanhood, which have the divine power of nurturing the young ones and attracting males. It’s like a badge of honour wore by women, symbolizing authority and dominance.

Breasts signify all the aspects of womanhood whether be it feminine curves, maternal tenderness and confident sexuality. But, it’s quite sad to say that not all women have big boobs to flaunt. So, is there any solution for this problem? Yes, breast enlargement surgery (also known as breast augmentation surgery) performed by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai can give every women bigger breasts to boost their womanhood.

Here are some pros of having bigger boobs and why you should choose breast enlargement surgery.

  • You Can Easily Become Popular For Giving The Best Hugs

Generally, women with large boobs actually have two large pillows hooked up on their bust; these warm and cushiony pillows provide ultimate comfort and ease. Boobs carry joy for every person who you embrace. Big bosom works as the perfect cushion for your loved ones to put their heads on and rest. While your lover is resting his head on your cosy boobs, you can pat his head soothingly. Yes! Your big breasts provide the much needed comfort and relaxation to your partner.

  • Fitting Each Clothes You Wear

Having an hourglass figure is a dream of every woman and big boobs can give you that. Just think that how satisfying it would be to wear any dress or t-shirt and get an amazingly attractive body quickly. Your boobs play an important role not only in providing you an hourglass figure, but it also makes you look damn sexy!

Even a simple t-shirt can be turned into the most happening outfit just because of bigger breasts. The positive effects of big boobs on clothing are just endless; if you have big breasts then you can simply rock the beach in lingerie, without any effort you can get the right cleavage in the dress you’re planning to wear for the dinner date!

  • The Perfect Tool Of Pleasure

Nothing can attract guys towards women more than a good set of boobs. Often termed as the perfect tool of pleasure, it has been proved scientifically that boobs provide immense pleasure to both males and females. The amount of pleasure surely increases if the size is bigger! Apart from its role in intercourse, breasts also play an important role in your daily life to attract the man you want. Though it may sound a bit straightforward, but scientific research has clearly stated that men are attracted more towards women with big boobs.

Don’t have big sized boobs? No need to worry because with breast enlargement surgery you can get the right size. Breast augmentation surgery is completely safe and secure procedure, so just ensure you visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.

Top 10 Benefits of Big Breasts

You may be surprised to know, a recent scientific study revealed that bigger breasts can prove beneficial for a wide range of evolutionary and medical purposes. Many women who have small breasts crave for bigger ones. Breast enlargement surgery, (also known as breast augmentation surgery) is one of the best available treatments to achieve bigger breasts.

Here are top 10 social and health benefits of having big breasts.


With help of adipose tissue in the breasts, a female swimmer can stay floating in the water. A number of scientific studies have revealed that humans are also a bit aquatic species. So, having large chest can keep women away from drowning!


Yeah, that’s true! Adipose tissue also plays a vital role in keeping women with big breasts warmer in winter seasons. More amount of body heat is generated by bigger sized breasts, and this is quite important for women who live in cold place or places where winters are long.

Acts as a Cushion

A strong and big bosom can indeed prove handy in situations of collision. If the size is big enough, a girl or women can simply avoid many bumpy scenarios, especially falling face-first. 

Positive affects On Social Life

You might be aware of this fact and yes it’s true that there are some evolutionary advantages which act as a catalyst for moving ahead in social circles. Big and firm breasts are absolutely eye-catching for men, also serve as an ideal sign for mating.


In most cultures across the globe, especially in India, production of hormones which are essential for the development of chest in girls is often seen as a sign of fertility and healthy reproductive system.

Enhances Presence

Big sized breasts are not only captivating, but also work as an effective attracting tool. The girl with the biggest bosom no doubt has a lot more presence in the room and conveys her thoughts better; in short, more individuals will be attracted towards her.


Big bosom is clearly an indication of a healthy body. The immune system of underweight women is quite weak which makes their body ineffective to fight with multiple health issues. Generally, women with bigger bosom tend to live a bit longer than their underweight counterparts.


A well-endowed female don’t have to face problems of food shortage for their newborns. A recent study showed that human mind considers the size of breasts to determine a female’s childbearing ability!

Better Chances of Employment

Some of you might not agree, but this is true. Women with big bosom have their own unique personality that attracts more clients. Bigger breasts sometimes act a ticket for promotions and raises at the workplaces.


This one depends on one’s personal choice. However, no one can argue on the fact that females with bigger breasts much look better in all types of dresses and clothing.

So, do you wish to have bigger breasts? Breast enlargement surgery (breast augmentation surgery) is the ideal solution to attain the right size of breast for women. Visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai today to book an appointment for breast enlargement surgery today.

Avoid Hair Loss With Amazing Hairstyling Tips

People cannot avoid some types of hair fall conditions and there is certainly nothing they can do to stop the process from occurring. But various types of hair loss are totally avoidable and reversible, and Traction Alopecia is one of those. This kind of hair fall occurs due to constant pulling of hair, mainly as a result of bad & harmful hairstyling behaviour. Constant stress gives scars to the hair follicles, impacting their power to regrow.

Here are some best known styling tips and techniques for hair that will keep you away from hair reduction. You can avoid Traction Alopecia by following these tips and tricks. Have a look.

  • Don’t Put On Hairstyles Which Are Extremely Tight

Avoid making extremely tight hairstyles, like dreadlocks and cornrows, which are done by pulling the hair backwards tightly, and therefore exerting a steady pressure directly on the hair follicles beneath the skin. In the long run this weakens the follicles and if not tackled in time then serious and permanent destruction of the hair follicles can occur. Same case is with tight braids and ponytails.

  • Avoid Hair Extensions Completely

If surplus or excessive weight is tied on the hair then it also pulls the hair in downwards direction producing extreme pressure on the hair. This is often just what exactly occurs when hair extensions are attached on the natural hair. Due to continuous pull, substantial amount of body weight is added on your hair by these extensions. This results in damage of the hair strands along with the follicles, starting problems such as hair loss, hair thinning, and hair breakage.

  • Keep Altering Your Styling Approaches

Donning a certain hairstyle for a long period of time can also result in hair thinning in particular parts of the scalp, and it doesn’t matter how free, loose and natural it could be. Thus, it is essential that you should keep changing your hairstyle at least once in 2 to 3 months.

  • Stay Away From Heat

Heat generated by hair styling equipment such as flat irons, curling rods and blow dryers can act as a catalyst in hair loss process. Styling your hair by applying these products uncover the fragile hair shafts to severe heat, which leaves behind damaging outcomes, especially on scalps of the people who use these machines quite commonly. Avoid using such tools (you can use them occasionally) and allow your hair to dry naturally.

  • Prevent Hair Dyeing Commonly

Hair dyes are filled with hard and severe chemicals that could deliver damaging effects on your sensitive hair shafts. Bleaches and various chemical substances in hair dyes remove natural oils and moisture from the scalp, which makes your hair look brittle, dry and prone to breakage. Getting your hair coloured is fine if done once in a while, but excessive usage should be avoided. Be confident to show your natural hair colour.

If you are facing the problem of baldness, then hair transplant in India is the ultimate solution for your hair loss problem.

Top Tips To Find the Best Cosmetic Surgeon In Mumbai

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai is quite an important decision to make as it may change the course of the cosmetic surgical procedure. The best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will deliver the desired results whereas inexperience surgeon will simply fail to live up to your expectations.

Your decision of choosing the cosmetic surgeon is a decision which is going to remain with you for many years to come. An effective treatment can enhance your appearance, increase your beauty and boost your self esteem for a long period of time. This makes it extremely crucial to hire the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.

On the flip side, choosing an inexperienced surgeon increases your probabilities of getting poor and disappointing results. Hiring an unskilled surgeon will also cost you more money, time and of course it might destroy your confidence level.

Locating a qualified cosmetic surgeon who has loads of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery is important to generate the best final results from your surgery. When you find a good cosmetic surgeon, visit his official website to get more info about his medical background. Here are some points which can help you to find the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.

Proper Certification & Qualification

Lots of people make a mistake of relying on national clinical boards and associations to make sure that the surgeons are qualified or hold the necessary certificates to perform various types of cosmetic surgeries in Mumbai, India. However, it’s a bit of a stupid thing to do if you’re really deciding to rely on the medical associations to perform this job. It will be a better decision if you do a bit of research about the cosmetic surgeon on your own.

Remember, there are many quacks (fake doctors/surgeons) in the market that can damage your appearance with their unskilled surgery. So, it’s all about finding the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai who can deliver desired results without any side effects. Visit the official website of the cosmetic surgeon you’re planning to choose and then simply call them to book an appointment. Meeting the surgeon in personal is quite crucial because only then you can reach a final conclusion.

How Experienced Is The Surgeon In The Surgery Which You’re Planning To Undergo.

Now you are aware with the significance of qualification and certification in cosmetic surgical procedures, but cosmetic surgeons may have their own subspecialties. You’ll be a bit surprised to know that every area in cosmetic surgical procedure requires quite different types of skills. You can obviously figure out that Botox surgery is quite different from breast enlargement surgery or breast lift surgery or breast reduction surgery. This is because every body part is somewhat distinct from the other and requires a different approach in cosmetic surgery.

Final thoughts: In order to find the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, you should check his medical qualification, certification and license to perform surgeries. Once you perform these tasks, you’ll surely find the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, India.

3 Biggest Myths About Cosmetic Surgery Debunked

No matter how much you try to convince people, some of them keep viewing cosmetic surgeries in a bad way. However, things have started to change and more people are opening about the concept of having cosmetic surgery in Mumbai, India. Here are 3 biggest myths or lies you hear about cosmetic surgeries. We have made an effort to debunk these myths. Have a look.

Through the years, there have already been quite a few myths linked to Cosmetic Surgery. From liposuction to Breast Enlargement, here we have made an attempt to deal with the 3 biggest myths related to Cosmetic Surgery. We conducted a thorough research and interviewed people who have undergone any type of cosmetic surgery to debunk these myths. As a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai, it was our duty to stand against the myths and lies which are being spread against different types of cosmetic surgeries in India.

Myth #1: “People Who Choose Cosmetic Surgical Procedures Are Obsessive About Their Appearance And Looks”

Truth/Fact: A lot of people mistakenly think that simply because cosmetic surgical procedures are intended to change a person’s look, it’s only chosen by people who are obsessed with their looks. In reality, when a survey was done among the people who have undergone some sort of cosmetic surgery in Mumbai, then more than 60% people clearly said that they chose cosmetic surgery to improve their confidence level and self-esteem. 25% people chose cosmetic surgery for medical reasons and less than 5% said that they go for cosmetic surgery as an excellent tool to look like a star or celebrity.

Myth #2: “Only Rich People Have Cosmetic Surgery”

Truth/Fact: Even though cosmetic surgical procedures aren’t low-cost, yet it is simply meant for everyone. At Harleys cosmetic clinic in Mumbai, we offer a wide range of cosmetic surgeries at quite affordable prices. We offer treatment at low-cost, but always deliver world-class services.


At Harleys cosmetic clinic you can have treatments like breast lift, breast enlargement, breast reduction, liposuction, Botox, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, skin polishing, tummy tuck, etc. In a recent survey people said that the qualification of the surgeon is the main point that matters the most for them and not the prices. You should be sceptical about surgeons who offer services at low prices, but fail to deliver good results. At Harleys cosmetic clinic you will get be treated by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.

Myth #3: “It Is Easy To Tell If Someone Had Underwent Cosmetic Surgery”

Truth/Fact: Some people choose to have surgeries which can look evident. However, if you choose the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai then he’ll make sure that the cosmetic surgery looks as natural as possible. It’s all about the talent and skills of the surgeon you choose in a cosmetic clinic in Mumbai. Of course, one thing you won’t be able to hide from people is the fact that you’ll start looking far more attractive than before.

At Harleys Cosmetic clinic in Mumbai, we offer all types of cosmetic surgeries which are done by one of the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today!

No Need to Wear a Cap to Hide Your Baldness Anymore!

Hair transplant in India is an amazing treatment that gives back hair to a balding person. Baldness is curse which hits majority of male and females all over the world; especially men are the worst victims of this problem. If you are also facing baldness problem then hair transplant in India is the best answer of your problem.

Our hair is really a precious asset that a lot of times receive praises from other individuals. Increasing natural beauty to our persona, it’s a standard of our overall health. On the other hand it can be vital to deal with our hair and ensure proper care on a daily basis, many of us choose it with no consideration and this is amongst the lots of factors that people often face hair fall issues for at least once in their lifetime. Nowadays hair transplant in India is one the best available method to deal with problem of hair loss.

Hair loss occurs due to a lot of factors such as hereditary reasons, physiological reasons, growing old, ailments, infections, thyroid problems, scalp problems, radiation, reaction to medicine, etc. Hair fall is becoming a serious difficulty for males and females all over the globe today. On an average, individuals today commonly lose at least 80 to 150 scalp hairs every day after functions like brushing washing, and combing etc.

However, during the condition of hair fall our hair start to fall out thoroughly and we eliminate a lot more of these by means of normal shedding than our natural capability to get back them back again. This is considered to be the right time when you should choose some sort of hair fall cure to stop continuous hair loss.

Hair decline and baldness, which happens to be a common trouble for men, is a completely different thing altogether and requires complete check-up at the root stage. In case you have started balding, you must immediately find a cure to stimulate and assist new hair development. Having said that hair fall cure can prove to be a lifeline for the depleting hair line. However, in majority of cases these cures fail to deliver which makes hair transplant in India the ultimate solution for the problem of baldness.

The cost of the treatment for hair loss largely depends on the seriousness of the cases and the speed at which the hair are falling. If the speed of hair fall is quick then the treatment cost might also go up. However hair transplant in India is an ideal solution for the hair loss and baldness problem as it can be done at an affordable price range.

Hair transplant in India enables people to get rid of caps that they have to wear to hide their baldness. Hair transplant in India not only gets hair back on the bald head, but it also brings back the confidence and self-esteem people have lost due to baldness. So, what are you waiting for? If baldness is disturbing you life and hurting you emotionally then hair transplant in India is the best solution for you.

Some FAQs about Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast-Enlargement-Surgery-Harleys1Breast enlargement surgery can single-handedly enhance your looks, appeal, confidence and self-esteem. Are you suffering from low morale because of small sized breasts? No need to feel the same way anymore as breast augmentation surgery can give you bigger, firmer and full volume breasts.

Many women have to face the social stigma of having small breasts which affects their confidence and self-esteem extremely. Thanks to advance technology, now women can have bigger breasts with breasts augmentation surgery.

Here are some common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that will help you to understand breast enlargement surgery in a better way.

 Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Right For Me?

Women opt to have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. This type of surgery is best for and commonly done on females who have small breasts, asymmetrical breasts. In many cases, women lose shape or volume of their breasts after pregnancy or weight loss. Here, breasts enlargement surgery is an ideal procedure to get back big and firm breasts. It’s a personal choice of every woman to decide if they’re willing to undergo this surgery or not. However, it’s strongly recommended that you must consult your cosmetic surgeon to find more about this treatment.

 What Should I Expect From Breast Enlargement Surgery And How Long It Takes?

Breast Enlargement surgery, often known as Breast Augmentation surgery, is usually a cosmetic surgical technique that should be done by an experienced, qualified and the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. The treatment normally requires between 1 to 3 hours for completion, but it might take more time in some cases. The surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia and the surgeon might ask you to stay at the clinic for a couple of days to check your progress and recovery speed.

The best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will start by creating small incisions on either the natural crease under the breasts, or at the side of the nipples, or in the armpit. Then an implant will be inserted inside the breasts by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. The implant will be placed at either behind or over the tissue and muscle to provide the desired look and then the incisions are closed properly by using surgical sutures.

The place of incision will be decided by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai to deliver the best shape and size for your breasts. You must discuss the whole treatment process, your expectations and the outcomes of the surgery with the surgeon in advance. This will surely help you to achieve the desired look and size you’re expecting from the surgery.

 Why Should I Choose Breast Enlargement Surgery?

  • To get a curvier figure
  • To have symmetrical breasts
  • It will enhance feeling of femininity and confidence.
  • You can wear all types of clothes with full confidence. No need to feel shy anymore while wearing swimwear or well-fitting clothes.
  • You can achieve the shape, size and volume which you have lost due to either, pregnancy, weight loss or ageing.

Facts About Botox Treatment

Botox comprises of a toxin created by the bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum. It is exactly the same toxin which is behind the life-threatening kind of food poisoning commonly known as botulism. Botox treatment should only be done by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. Surgeons utilise it in small and prescribed doses to treat medical problems, which include

  • Non permanent smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines on the face, and thus enhancing your appearance
  • Cervical dystopia which is a neurological ailment that triggers critical neck and shoulder muscle contractions
  • Overactive bladder
  • Extreme sweating in underarms
  • Chronic migraine
  • Misaligned eyes (Strabismus)
  • Uncontrollable blinking (Blepharospasm)

Injections are used in Botox treatment to get the job done by paralyzing or weakening muscles or by obstructing specific nerves. The results usually remain for about three to twelve months, and it largely depends on what you are treating. The commonest side effects that can develop from Botox treatment are pain, swelling, or bruising in the area where injections have been applied. These side effects go away with time.

Some people can also develop headache, flu-like signs and symptoms, and upset tummy. Injections which are used on the facial muscles can also result in short-term drooping eyelids. Generally, surgeons don’t recommend Botox treatment for women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • How Botox Treatment Functions?

Botox works by blocking signals which are sent from nerves to the muscles. The injected muscles are unable to contract which makes the wrinkles and fine lines to soften.

Botox is mostly applied in the lines on forehead, fine lines which are round the eye (also known as crow’s feet), and frown lines. Wrinkles which occur due to sun damage and gravity might fail to respond to Botox treatment. Botox treatment can prove to be extremely useful to remove lines from neck, lips, chin and corner of the mouth.

  • How A Botox Treatment Is Performed?

Botox treatment will take only a few hours and isn’t going to involve any amount of local anaesthesia. Botox is injected into certain muscles by using a fine needle which might cause a little discomfort. It normally takes around 3 to 5 days or even a week to fully show the impact.

It’s strongly recommended by the surgeons that you should stop any type of alcohol consumption before undergoing Botox treatment. Avoid using aspirin and any type of anti-inflammatory drugs at least two weeks in advance of Botox treatment to minimise any chances of bruising.

  • How Long Botox Treatment Lasts?

The results obtained from Botox treatment will remain for at least 4 to 6 months. With time the movement in muscles return which marks the return of wrinkles and fine lines. However, you can go for Botox treatment again to get wrinkles and fine lines removed.

Tired Of Baldness? Try Hair Transplant in India

Are you aware of the fact that if you get a FUE hair transplant in Mumbai your chance of getting hair back on your head increases drastically? You might be surprised to know this, but it’s true. Under guidance of the best hair transplant surgeon in India, you will not only get hair back on head, but also your confidence and self esteem.

Here are some common questions usually asked by people who want to know more about hair transplant in India.

 How Hair Transplant In India Functions?

The treatment starts when the best hair transplant surgeon in India discovers how huge your thinning/balding location is and the number of hair grafts you will require to remove the baldness. Following this, the donor location capability is tested, that’s at the back and sides of the head where the hair is definitely the thickest.

If sufficient grafts can be taken from the donor’s head, then the method usually gets a green signal. At hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, the best hair transplant surgeon in India will extract the hairs from the donor’s head and implant them on the thinning place. Remember, hair transplant in India is performed when the patient is fully awake.

What Types Of Procedures Are Used In Hair Transplant In India?

Currently, there are three types of procedures used in hair transplant in India, which are:

  • Stem Cell Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – It’s truly the most recent hair transplant strategy that’s a lot less invasive and has quick recovery time, and hardly any scars will develop. It ensures substantial hair density and provides normal and long-lasting outcomes.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – Is definitely a sophisticated and latest approach used for Hair Transplant in India that includes extraction of the hair follicles one after the other, then placing these follicles on the area where baldness is visible.
  • The Follicular Device Transplant (FUT) – Commonly referred as the strip method, grafts or follicles are removed in the shape of the linear strip through the donor space. The strip is converted into compact grafts by using a microscope before of implanting grafts in head.

How Much Time Will It Take To Recover After Hair Transplant In India?

Based upon the type of Hair transplant in India you’ve opted for, the recovery time period will vary. Hair transplant in India is done on an outpatient basis. Within a week you’ll be completely fit to carry on with your usual routine and work. However, in some cases the surgeon might ask the patient to rest for at least 10 days or more before getting back on their normal lives.